Monday, June 30, 2008

The DeArmond's Summer.....So far!

Well....where to begin? It has been so long since I have posted anything I feel like there is so much to tell! I think that I will begin with the wonderful trip back home to TN that Madison and I were able to enjoy! Tony was not able to come with us since there is so much going on this year, he has to save up his leave time! Anyway, he dropped us off at the airport Saturday, June 7 around lunch time. We were so excited to go home and visit with everyone, but at the same time it was very hard to leave Tony. It ended up being very difficult for him while we were gone also. We hadn't been apart since his deployment and he was missing Madison terribly! Anyway, the plane ride did not go that well with Madison! Who would of guessed that a one year old wouldn't want to sit in one tiny little spot for 4 hours?!?!? Crazy, I know! We did survive the flight, though, and arrived in Memphis around 7pm. It took a minute (literally only a minute) for Madison to warm up to Mom, Dad, and Amber, who were there to pick us up. We headed straight to Grandma and Papaw's house, as we always do. It almost seems like a tradition now! It was so great to see them and let them see how much Madison has grown. Then, we were finally on our last stretch home, and I was about ready to pass out! Madison, on the other hand, had a burst of energy! Of course she did, why wouldn't she, she is ONE! I think we all made it to bed around 10 or so! During our stay Madison grew very attached to her Nana! (And Nana LOVED it!) Madison would get very excited when she came home from work and Nana always had special treats for her!

Madison also enjoyed terrorizing the dogs! Angel mainly just ignored her and stayed clear. Rusty, however, had a lot more tolerance for her.

We were able to do lots of shopping while we were there also. We made a trip to the mall and to the Tunica Outlets. Both trips were a lot of fun. Madison was able to walk around A LOT! She is basically set with clothes and shoes for a while now also. Thanks to her Nana! We also made a trip to the Zoo! That was so much fun! We had quite the crew with us as well. Mom, Amber, myself, Madison, Becca (Amber's friend), and Erin (my friend) all went to the zoo! We spent about 4 hours or so there! I had a wonderful time and I know Madison did too! She seemed a little more interested in all of the other children instead of the animals at first! We were able to get her attention and point out all of the animals to her, and she made some pretty funny faces!

After the zoo trip, we basically just relaxed the last couple of days before we headed home! We left Memphis two weeks later and got into Seattle really late that night! Tony was actually pretty disappointed that Madison wasn't her normal self towards him when we arrived. I just had to reassure him that it had been an extremely long day for her, she would be fine the next day! So....we are back to our normal schedule and Madison is back to being "daddy's little girl!" I am very excited to say though that Amber will be flying out July 22 to come here to WA and help out with our move! She will be taking Madison back to Memphis so that Tony and I can make the drive as quickly as possible. I am getting so anxious and so excited about our move! I can't wait to spend a month at home with family, and for Tony to be with us makes it all the more exciting! I can't wait for everyone to see how Madison and Tony are together! It is so fun to watch them together! He is an amazing Dad, I couldn't ask for anything more! I will be blogging soon as we get closer to our move date and as more details come along. There will be lots happening coming up, so....stay tuned!

Madison's Summer @ Nana's!

The ZOO trip!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Update on the DeArmond Family!

I know that when I started this blog it was mentioned that it was mainly to let everyone know of Madison's progress and to let them watch her grow just as I do everyday. Well...this particular blog entry is to update everyone on a couple of things that have happened in the past month for our family as a whole. I'm sure I will be able to add a little tidbit about Madison for those of you that need a Madison-fix! (You know who you are! :))

First on the list ... ORDERS!
I let quite a few people know that we were in the process of picking and applying for orders for our next duty station. In fact, I asked quite a few people to be praying for us in the very stressful process. We were very anxious to find out if we were going to be able to get stationed on the East Coast to be closer to family. I didn't really care where exactly, I just knew that this was our one and only chance to make the coast to coast move. So, our prayers were answered and Tony was accepted for PAX River, Maryland orders. PAX River is actually the Patuxent River in Maryland. It is known by the military as PAX River, so that is what I call it. Mainly because I am not sure how to properly pronounce the actual name. Anyway, we are very excited and can't wait to be closer to family. We will probably begin our transition sometime in August. We are still ironing out details and planning. The only definite dates as of right now are Sept 14 and Sept 29. Tony has to go to VA for training before we make it to Maryland and he has to be there by Sept 14. Then, he has to report to PAX River by Sept 29. I should be able to give out more details as we plan and make more decisions about traveling. I will definitely keep everyone updated on this exciting move and time for us. Thank you to all of you that prayed for us and the decisions that had to be made. God is good! (All the time!)

That's right! We are expecting our second baby! It is very hard for me to imagine right now. I am still very early in the pregnancy for one thing, so it will seem like I am pregnant FOREVER! I have been talking with Mom a little bit about this pregnancy and how it is so different from the first time. I remember being pregnant with Madison and Mom and I would talk daily about how she was growing and developing in my belly. This time, I keep having to remind myself that I am actually pregnant. Tony and I are very excited and overjoyed, and a little stressed with everything going on in our lifes right now (as I mentioned above). I have been trying to imagine Madison with a baby around and how she is going to react. That in itself is hard to imagine! My estimated due date is December 15, but that could change after I have an ultrasound and they measure the baby. I am so excited to have a new addition to our family! I wasn't sure how many children Tony and I were going to have, but we did know that we wanted them to be pretty close in age. After having Madison, I really started thinking about having a big family. I absolutely love being surrounded by family and all the love and support you get from a big family. I have experienced that in my life and want for my own family to have that love and comfort as well. I look forward to this pregnancy and birth of our second baby and all the new experiences that comes with it. I will be sure to keep everyone updated on our progress and give you more news as it comes along. Keep us and our new little one in your prayers!

And lastly, but certainly not the least ... MADISON!
Madison has been doing wonderfully! She amazes me everyday and its so funny to see how amazed Tony gets watching her. She is walking more and more everyday. We have been trying to get her to walk around in the stores, but she acts shy and doesn't want. She has been having a little bit of separation anxiety lately when we drop her off at the nursery for church, but she seems to be fine within a couple of minutes. Thats what they tell me anyway :). I think I mentioned in my last entry that we went to the park and had a wonderful sunny day. Well, this past Saturday, we had atleast 2 inches of hail and snow on the ground! How ridiculous!! It is the middle of April and we are having winter weather!! Anyway, this past Saturday was the "City Wide Clean-Up Day" for Oak Harbor. I had volunteered to help and was going to take Madison with me. She ended up staying home and had some Daddy time while I went and worked. Tony is loving this time with Madison right now. She seems very attached to him and he can't get enough of it. He works at night and likes to come home and wait on Madison to get up so that he can get her out of bed. He loves to see her big smile in the morning and see how excited she gets to get out of bed and play. They have been doing a lot of bonding lately and it is so sweet to watch. He likes to get in the floor and play with her and he really wants to be able to wrestle and mess around, but she isn't quite ready for that. She does like to be chased all around the apartment though, and he is more than willing. She will turn around and see if he is coming behind her and cackle really loud and take off again. It is sooo cute! I believe this past Saturday they had a lot of fun together just the two of them. I think thats all for now, I will post again soon! Enjoy the pics!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A day at the park!

Living on Whidbey Island during the rainy season isn't the best. However, when the sun decides to come out and shine on us all day, it is well worth it. We were lucky enough to have a nice warm sunny day this past Saturday! I was able to convince Tony and his buddies that it would be a great idea to head out to the park! Not to mention its something to do that is FREE! City Beach Park is a wonderful park in Oak Harbor. It has several play ground areas and large grassy areas to picnic or play football. It also has a path that goes all the way around the park to take in the beauty that surrounds us. This past Saturday was warm enough that kids were playing in the water on the beach and the park was full of people. It was a nice clear day so we could see all the mountains around us and they were beautiful. So, we got to the park and Madison and I sat on a blanket to have our sandwiches, while the guys ate at the picnic table. I was hoping that Madison and I could spend the day walking around in the grass, swinging, and maybe going down the slide. After we had our lunch, the guys started to throw around the football and Madison was off on her own little adventure. This was her first time to really be outside in the grass and explore. She wasn't very steady on the grass, so she wanted to crawl everywhere! We decided to try out the swings next, and she wasn't to fond of that. We had tried to get her to swing before and she didn't like it, but I thought I would try again. She was okay for a few minutes, but she just isn't too sure about it. So, we headed back over to the guys and relaxed in the sun and played in the grass. The guys finally decided they wanted to take a break from football so we headed over to the playground. Tony and his buddy decided they wanted to put Madison on the big slide! I was terrified! I wanted to keep my eyes closed the whole time! She loved it though! So, she went down the slide a couple of times with the help of her daddy and had a great time! We walked around a little bit and let Madison walk on the path where she could be a little more stable. The guys played football a little longer and then it was time to go home. Madison was worn out and in desperate need of a nap! It was a wonderful day and lots of fun in the sun! Enjoy the picks!

Playing at the Park

Playing at the Park

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Madison's 1 year check-up!

Madison's first birthday has come and gone! She seems like such a little girl now and so grown up. We had her 1 year check-up at the doctor scheduled for March 31, just a few days after her actual birthday. Apparently, the maternity ward was as busy this year as they were last year, and we kept having our appointment switched. So, finally on Friday (April 4) we were able to make it to the doctor and see how much Madison has progressed. She weighs 27lbs 12oz and is 30in long! WHAT A BIG GIRL! She is so tall and quite the chunk! She is still in the 97th percentile for her weight, and I believe in the 75th percentile for her height. Her doctor said that her development is fantastic! She is doing all the things 1 year olds are supposed to do and then some! So, after the appointment she had to get shots and have blood work done to check her iron. We decided to do the blood work first so that we could leave right after her shots. Madison always does really well with things like that though, so we didn't really have anything to worry about. We made it over to the lab and had to wait a few minutes. I decided to let Madison walk the hall while we waited and its so cute watching her walk around and explore new places. She walked a couple minutes and then we headed back to "the room". The lab technician was very nice and explained everything, they basically had to prick her finger. Tony held Madison while I stood behind the tech to distract her. Tony was freaking out and cringing while the tech explained what he had to do! It was a good thing Madison could see me and not him! It probably would not have gone as well if she would have seen the faces he was making! He looked terrified and acted like he wanted to yank Madison up and carry her to safety! I felt like I was on double duty trying to keep both of them calm! :) Anyway, Madison (and Tony) did very well, and it was over before we knew it. The tech mentioned that if the bandage came off she would probably bleed a lot more because she seemed to be very well hydrated (thats a good thing). So, we had him bandage her entire hand instead of just the finger in hopes that it would be impossible to pull off. Well....we definitely underestimated Madison! We got about ten feet away and she had pulled it off! There was blood everywhere! Tony and I had it all over us, Madison had it all over her, and there was a trail on the floor on the way back to the lab room! We finally got all cleaned up and he bandaged just the finger this time, really really well! I had no idea so much blood could come from such a little finger! Well, by the time we finished with all of that, the immunization clinic had closed! So, we still have to get her shots. I doubt there will be an interesting story to go with that trip. We decided to go have lunch and run some errands the next day (Sat). We had lunch at Applebees and Madison wanted to turn completely around in her high chair so that she could chat with the baby next to us. It was a very interesting lunch! We then went to run errands and ended up at Wal-Mart. Tony and I decided to get Madison's ears pierced while we were there! We had talked about it for a while and thought maybe it could be a present for her first birthday! We hadn't officially decided we were going to do it until we ended up at Wal-Mart and just decided on the spot! What an experience!! Madison actually did really well. She of course screamed when it happened, but it didn't take her long to calm down. She ended up getting her first sucker from the ladies that did it! She looks so adorable with her ears pierced now! She is such a little lady! I have posted some pictures of her new earrings and just some random pictures for you to enjoy!

Funny hair-dos and funny faces!